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We have handled a number of residential projects in Kingswood and the surrounding area including extensions, alterations, replacement dwellings and apartment buildings. According to the Reigate & Banstead Borough Local Plan Proposals Map, there are three Residential Areas of Special Character (RASC) and one Conservation Area in Kingswood. While the majority of Kingswood lies within the urban area where the principle of new development is acceptable, the RASC and Conservation Area designations mean that the Council apply stricter control over the design of new development. In addition, there are a number of Listed and Locally Listed buildings in the area aswell as numerous protection trees and small pockets of Ancient Woodland.

Our Planning & Architectural Teams are best placed to advise on any restrictions on your property and can provide that early expert advice whether you are considering a purchase or carrying out work to your property or on your land. We have a proven track record of obtaining planning permission in Kingswood and regularly submit pre-applications, applications and speak at Planning Committee on behalf of clients. We also have a solid track record at appeal in defending proposals against a refusal of planning permission.
Wellington Court, Waterhouse Lane in Kingswood, Surrey
White Oaks in Kingswood, Surrey
Owlshurst in Kingswood, Surrey
New access driveway and gates Waterhouse Lane in Kingswood, Surrey
Eyhurst Close in Kingswood, Surrey
Warren Drive in Kingswood, Surrey
Birken Trees, Waterhouse Lane in Kingswood, Surrey
Clocktower Bungalow, Lower Kingswood in Surrey
Longbourn & Ruskin House in Kingswood, Surrey
Beech Drive in Kingswood, Surrey