Terrace of cottages in Ripley, Surrey

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Preferred Partner Involvement

David Archer Associates – Trees

Project Outline

The application site lies within the Green Belt where the principle of new residential development is farm more limited than the urban area. The site also lies within Ripley Conservation Area whereby the national planning requirement is to ensure that development preserves or enhances the character of the area.

This application was granted at local level following one previous application for larger dwellings on the site. The Council deemed the original application to be too large in terms of scale, size, bulk and amount of hardstanding. Rather than go straight to appeal a compromise was sought to reduce the properties in terms of the size and scale.

The Council deemed that the proposal amounted to limited infilling in the Green Belt, as such the proposal was considered appropriate development. The Case Officer was supportive of the design of the proposal that respected the nearby terraced cottages and considered the design to be very much in keeping with the appearance and character of this part of the Ripley Conservation Area.


Conditional approval at Local Level.


Development proposals in the Green Belt need to apply to strict policy guidance within the National Planning Policy Framework. When coupled with the Conservation Area designation this adds further complexity to the case and requires a great deal of negotiation with the Council to achieve a positive outcome. Working with our Preferred Partners and the combined skillset of our Planning and Architectural teams we successfully unlocked the potential of this parcel of land.

Terrace of cottages in Ripley, Surrey