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Major residential projects are defined in Planning terms as being 10 or more dwellings. We handle a number of major residential applications for land owners and developers. The majority of these projects are found within urban areas where there is a need to make the best use of urban land.

Major applications require a significant level of specialist surveys and reports to support each proposal. All major applications have additional “validation” requirements which may include Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS), Flood Risk, Landscaping, Noise, Heritage and Affordable Housing. Our network of Preferred Partners was set up to provide the expertise to address these additional requirements for our clients. The New London Plan also requires all major planning applications to be supported by a Fire (Safety) Statement prepared by a qualified professional, which generally means a Fire Engineer. We have significant experience addressing the fire safety issues of major residential developments, which reduces the input required from a qualified Fire Engineer.

We also provide a Technical Design service to deliver Building Regulations Plans approval, discharge any Conditions attached to the planning permission, and support our clients through the construction process.
Poppy Lane in Shirley, Croydon
13 Apartments in South Croydon
Conversion of existing building to provide 4 flats, and extension to provide 3 flats and 4 mews houses in Croydon
Erection of apartment building comprising 33 flats on behalf of Quantum Homes
Godstone Road in Whyteleafe, Surrey