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Natassia Ho

Graduate Heritage Consultant

Natassia joined the WS Heritage team in May 2024.

She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in BA Conservation in 2022. Not committing solely to a single city, Natassia has ventured herself in MA Architecture Conservation in the University of Portsmouth, graduating in 2024 and has been awarded a Distinction on the degree. The internship she has previously done in Hong Kong as a Heritage Consultant Assistant also demonstrated her ability to work and progress in this field. Natassia has always had the passion and drive in the heritage sector, leading her to pursue a professional role as a heritage consultant.

Natassia has specialised in heritage and conservation throughout her academic life. Her area of interests included built heritage and landscape, management of architectural conservation, and analysis of conservation theories. She displays a fascination towards understanding the past of historical sites, to discover and retain their unique values and significance regarding their architecture, cultures, and histories. It is always her ambition to understand the potential of heritage sites and historic buildings, and mediating the possible challenges of inevitable interventions and alterations.

During her spare time, Natassia enjoys spending time in nature, traveling, as well as attending gigs and concerts.

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