Established in 2010 the architectural arm of our practice has gone from strength to strength. Combining the expertise of our Chartered Architects, architectural assistants and technicians we provide a full architectural service including the following:

Feasibilities, Planning proposals, Building Control applications, Urban design advice, Masterplanning, Working drawings and Contract Administration.

We follow our Four Stage Planning & Design Process that utilises the combined knowledge of our planning and architectural teams.

Design Brief Template



Preparation and Briefing

Creating a clear, agreed brief is essential to the success of the project

We work closely with all of our clients to shape a clear design brief from the outset of each project. Our Design Brief Template provides useful starting point to ensuring that we fully understand the nature and objections of each project. This can be downloaded above, completed WS Planning & Architecture Design Brief or posted to us separately.

  • Involves: Client meeting; Site visit; Design briefing; Planning policy review
  • Results in: An agreed design brief; Identifying site constraints and opportunities; Scope of service; Fee quote(s) (including Preferred Partners or other external consultants as required)

Concept Design

Including pre application submission (if required)

The Concept Design covers the outline proposals for the project leading to a pre application submission to the Local Planning Authority where required. While projects vary, this stage ensures that the Design Brief can be met before moving on to the Developed design stage.

  • Involves: Feasibility drawings; addressing planning policy and site constraints
  • Results in: Client approval and/or Pre-Application submission (Usually requires a meeting with and written response from the Local Planning Authority)

Spatial Coordination

Leading to the Planning Application submission

Using feedback from the client and/or pre application process the Spatial Coordination can be finalised. We work closely with our Preferred Partners and/or external consultants to ensure that the site constraints and relevant planning policies have been addressed in order to progress with an application.

  • Involves: Planning application drawings; Planning statement and/or Design & Access statement
  • Results in: Planning application submission; monitoring application through to decision

Technical Design

Building Regulations, discharge of conditions and beyond

Following receipt of the planning approval there may be the need to discharge conditions as well as handling the detailed technical design before construction can commence. Our services include Building Regulations drawings and submissions, detailed drawings and specifications, tendering and contract administration.

  • Involves: Assessing planning conditions; Co-ordinating external consultants; Building Regulations drawings; detailed drawings & specifications
  • Results in: Releasing pre commencement conditions; Building Regulations plans approval; Contract administration; Hand over