Two storey side and front extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion in London Borough of Sutton

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Project Outline

This proposal saw a number of alterations and extension to transform a detached property in the Green Belt. Our brief was to unlock the potential of the property and create a large family home with open plan living space. Planning permission was originally obtained for the demolition of the side extension and erection of a large two storey side extension and front alteration. The extensions were deemed to be not disproportionate in the Green Belt, however this left no additional option for extensions without using Permitted Development rights. Our subsequent application for a rear extension under Permitted Development was refused by the Council due to a technicality concerning the rear extension forming a side extension off the bay window at ground floor level that was due to be removed. We were confident that this approach was flawed and while the subsequent appeal took a long time it was ultimately found that the Council were incorrect in their assessment of the proposal. The rear extension and loft conversion could then proceed under Permitted Development.

(WS Ref: J002424, J002626 & J002943)


Conditional approval at Local Level and subsequent Appeal


Obtaining permission in the Green Belt is often a complicated process and can require multiple applications to ensure the optimum level of space for your home. It can often be the case that permitted development rights are removed following a householder permission so it is essential to fully understand the many options available at the outset. The pre-application process for householder applications can also be an excellent way to identify constraints and pin down the local authority on the amount of extensions they will accept as every authority has a different way of calculating whether new extensions are disproportionate in the Green Belt.

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