Two dwellings in Kingswood for Croudace Portland

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Preferred Partner Involvement

David Archer Associates (Arboricultural)

Project Outline

Following a previous outline permission Croudace Portland purchased the land and required detailed approval. The brief sought to differentiate each property to ensure the scheme complemented the Residential Area of Special Character. The bespoke design solution proposed a Georgian style detached dwelling and Arts & Crafts style detached dwelling that would both complement the street scene without appearing similar.


The proposals granted Conditional Approval at a local level


During the course of the application we worked with the Councils Conservation Officer to provide additional evidence regarding the impact of the proposals form the street. During the course of an application there are no guarantees that a proposal will find favour with the Development Management team at the Council, from statutory 3rd parties such as the Councils Conservation Officer or from nearby residents. While amendments are always deemed acceptable during the course of an application we regularly seek to address these concerns at an early stage to achieve an amicable outcome.

Two dwellings in Kingswood for Croudace Portland