Two detached dwellings near Epsom Downs for Whiteoak Developments

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Project Outline

The proposal sought the continuation of an existing cul-de-sac to utilise the rear gardens of 3 adjacent properties. The application was prepared following two previous appeals that sought a higher quantum of development and/or revised design for the dwelling on Plot 1. We identified the benefits of entering into a pre application discussion with the Local Planning Authority to set out how the Inspectors comments would inform the revised application. Neither of the previous decisions ruled out making the best use of this urban land, hence the redesign for Plot 1 in combination with a more detailed landscaping strategy ensured the successful outcome at the Development Control Planning Committee.


Conditional approval at Development Control Committee


This proposal is testament to the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” The proposal met with resistance from immediate neighbours and a staunch objection from the local ward councillor at the Development Control Committee. Planning Director, Spencer Copping spoke on behalf of the proposal at the Committee and set out the salient points that had led to the final design solution. While each Local Planning Authority has its own rules for speaking at Committee it is important to keep check on items scheduled for committee, especially if third parties are going to speak in opposition to a proposal. The Local Planning Authority will often issue an Addendum on the night of the committee that will identify corrections to the officer reports and additional conditions.

Two detached dwellings near Epsom Downs for Whiteoak Developments