The Lake House, Felbridge

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David Archer Associates (Trees)

Project Outline

The site for this project is situated next to Hedgecourt Lake, the largest area of seminatural open water in eastern Surrey and remains relatively undamaged. It harbours a variety of flora and fauna which had to remain undisturbed with the proposal of the new detached dwelling and gym/boat house.

Due to the nature of the site and being within the Green Belt there were strict guidelines on the new proposal in order to respect and maintain the character of the local area. The Council were satisfied that the contemporary design approach could be supported at local level.
Prior to obtaining permission we sought a lawful development certificate for the gym/boathouse building and subsequently incorporated this into the new proposal for the replacement dwelling.

Replacement dwellings in the Green Belt require a thorough analysis of the existing and proposed floor areas, heights and volumes to ensure compliance with National and Local Green Belt policy.


Conditional approval at Local Level and Building Regulations approval.


Only direct neighbours to the Lake House – ‘the plans seem elegant, innovative, functional and a significant improvement, in our opinion, on the existing structure. We believe the new structure would be very much in keeping with the surroundings in which the house would be set and support this application without reservation.’

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The Lake House, Felbridgel