Replacement dwelling in Kingswood, Surrey

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Preferred Partner Involvement

David Archer Associates – Arboriculture and The Polygon Studio -Architectural Visualisation

Project Outline

The client brief for this project required a replacement dwelling comprising 6 bedrooms. The proposed dwelling is approximately 10,000sq/ft and includes a basement with personal gym, media room and games room.

The application site lies within a Residential Area of Special Character where additional policies apply regarding new development. The site also has a number of Protected Trees on the site boundary which meant that additional reports were required. Working closely with our Preferred Partner, David Archer Associates we adhered to the Tree Constraints Plan to ensure that the proposal complied with the BS standards for trees in relation to design.

Given the proximity to trees the design solution called for a dwelling with a deeper profile than surrounding buildings and whilst located close to one of the site boundaries windows were carefully placed to ensure no undue overlooking towards neighbouring properties. Additional evidence was provided within our Design & Access Statement regarding the site context including other examples of replacement dwellings within the locality.


Conditional approval at local level


We submitted a pre application request to the Council and met with the Case Officer and Conservation Officer to consider two bespoke designs for the site. The Councils preference was for a more traditional design as opposed to an overtly contemporary design solution. Feedback from neighbours during the consultation process was generally positive given the high quality design proposed.

Replacement dwelling in Kingswood, Surrey