Replacement dwelling in the Green Belt for Elzetan Ltd

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Preferred Partner Involvement

Draffin Associates (Landscaping), David Archer Associates (Arboricultural)

Project Outline

Not only was the application site located within the Metropolitan Green Belt it also wrapped around a Grade II Listed Cottage. The proposal sought the demolition of the existing bungalow building and associated outbuildings immediately to the rear of the Listed building and placement to the rear of the application site. The traditional design approach was required to respect the form of the existing Listed cottage while also ensuring a detailed landscaping strategy improved the setting of the Listed building. We also released the conditions and obtained Building Regulations approval for the proposed dwelling which will be starting on site imminently.


Application Granted at Local Level subject to conditions


Utilising existing buildings in the Green Belt is essential to ensuring the optimum size for the replacement dwelling. Therefore the retention of sheds, outbuildings, store buildings and garages are crucial when providing a floor space and volumetric calculation to demonstrate that there is no loss to the openness of the Green Belt.