Glazed link in the Green Belt

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Planning & Architecture

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Base Energy – SAP Assessor

Project Outline

Planning permission was originally granted for the conversion of the existing garage to habitable space at the local level. Following this approval, a householder application was submitted with an intention to erect a glazed link between the main house and the outbuilding to connect the two element together and greatly improve the habitable space at ground floor level. The Planning and Architectural team worked closely with the Client to design the high-quality glass link whilst taking into account the Green Belt policy constraints. The application was refused at the local level due to the cumulative impact of the various extensions and we subsequently obtained planning permission on appeal. The appeal Inspector deemed the proposal would not be a disproportionate addition to the original building despite the Council estimating the proposal would be akin to a 49% increase over the original building. WS Planning & Architecture subsequently assisted with the Technical Design stage in order to obtain Building Regulations Approval.


Appeal Allowed and Building Regulations Approved


Obtaining planning permission for householder extensions in the Green Belt is often challenging, as extensions to dwellings in the Green Belt are only allowed if they are not disproportionate to the size of the original dwelling. In this instance, the Planning and Architectural team worked closely to define the amount of built form that could be provided given the constraints of the site, and designed a high-quality extension that would be sympathetic to the Green Belt setting.

Glazed link in the Green Belt