Garden Cottage

Our involvement


Project Outline

We were instructed to assist on this project after the commencement of development to submit a retrospective application. This proposal for a modest extension in the Green Belt required planning assistance as it was originally deemed that the proposal represented permitted development. Unfortunately, the proposal did not benefit from permitted development owing to the site being with the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) hence the need for a retrospective application.

With regard to the effect of the proposal on the green belt the Council considered the 43% increase in floor space to be a proportionate addition, closely connected to the main bulk of the property that would not be harmful to the openness of the Green Belt.

With regard to the effect of the proposal on the AONB the Council acknowledged that the majority of the extensions were to the rear of the building which was well screened on the north eastern side and would not have an impact on significant views within the AONB. The proposal was deemed to be moderate in relation to the original property and therefore would conserve the appearance of the AONB.

The high quality of workmanship of this proposal really stands out and shows how the potential of a rural building can be unlocked.


Conditional approval at Local Level


Alongside agreeing the Project Brief, assessing site constraints at the Preparation & Brief Stage forms one of the main considerations before approaching the any new development. Using the benefits offered by Permitted Development in the Green Belt can be essential to secure even a modest extension. However, Permitted Developments are restricted in Conservation Areas, National Parks, AONB’s, World Heritage sites and the Norfolk or Suffolk Broads. Early consideration of the options available is essential to make sure your development has the best chance of success.

Garden Cottage