Extension & internal alterations to provide new club entrance at Reigate Heath Golf Club

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Project Outline

Prior to our involvement in the project Reigate Heath Golf Club had undergone a stunning internal refurbishment to provide improved bar and restaurant facilities for members and guests. The next stage of the renovations required a remodelled entrance and internal reconfiguration to improve the entrance to the building as well as improve the changing rooms and members storage facilities. The application site is located within the Green Belt and next to a Grade II Listed windmill.


Application granted at Local Level subject to Conditions


Working closely with the Golf Club Committee the brief was vitally important given the dire need for the renovation work and testing budget for the project. A number of sketch proposals formed the basis of the design. A pre application submission to the Local Planning Authority then followed to seek assurance from the Council’s Conservation Officer that the design would be found to be of sufficiently high quality. While not always necessary for new projects, seeking pre application advice can iron out any initial concerns of the Local Planning Authority and provide a greater chance of success at application stage.

Reigate Golf Club