Erection of a single storey artist studio within the Green Belt

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Planning & Architecture

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David Archer Associates

Project Outline

Planning permission was originally granted for the erection of an artist studio under the provisions of Class E permitted development. However, in order for the artist studio to be located in the most ideal position, a householder application was submitted and subsequently approved by the Council. The artist studio will be located in an idyllic setting, screened by the surrounding landscaping features and subsequently maintaining the openness of the Green Belt. The artist studio not only meets the needs of the applicant, but it also adds great value to the site as a whole.


Conditional approval (removal of Class E PD rights and Tree Protection Plan required) and Building Regulations.


This case study demonstrates various proposals that can be achieved under permitted development, as well as the ways in which a householder application can be used to alter and improve such permissions. Given the fall back position provided by the permitted development we were able to demonstrate very special circumstances to move the artist studio to an optimum position in the garden forward of the principle elevation which would not have been possible under permitted development rules.

Erection of a single storey artist studio within the Green Belt