Detached dwelling in Shaldon, South Devon for Park Green

Our involvement


Project Outline

The applicants purchased this site nestled up above the centre of Shaldon following approval of an outline application for 4 dwellings. The site lies within the countryside and Coastal Protection Area but was deemed acceptable at the time of the decision due to the Councils lack of a 5 year housing land supply.

The new applicants sought our opinion on further unlocking the potential of the site and we were asked to advise on a planning strategy for the erection of a new dwelling on the site. The difference being that since the previous appeal decision was issued the Council adopted its Local Plan and could now demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply.

The applicants were advised to submit a S73 application to amend the approved layout to allow for a detailed planning application for 5th dwelling at the end of the cul-de-sac. We attended a pre-application meeting with the Council and set out a robust case for the new dwelling despite the countryside location and Council’s latest housing land supply position.

The subsequent application was refused by the Council and required a further appeal to test the case before an Inspector. We successfully defended the applicants position and the appeal was allowed subject to conditions.


Appeal allowed subject to conditions.


At WS Planning & Architecture we are always looking at unlocking potential for landowners, developers and private individuals. We are able to look at planning permissions and assess ways to make the best use of the land in question taking into account site viability and relevant planning constraints.

Detached dwelling in Shaldon, South Devon

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