Detached 4 bedroom dwelling in Surrey

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Preferred Partner Involvement

David Archer Associates, (Arboricultural Consultant)

Project Outline

Our Planning & Architectural Team advised the applicants prior to the submission of the planning application on the potential for development having regard to site’s location within a Green Belt Settlement and other permissions in the locality.

The design approach was formulated having regard to the site constraints identified and following clarification of the clients’ brief for a bespoke contemporary dwelling. The Planning, Design & Access Statement prepared in support of the proposal clearly set out the design rationale for the scheme and persuaded the Case Officer recommend the application for Planning Permission to the Chief Planning Officer, notwithstanding the traditional styles of development in the locality.


Planning Application approved under delegated powers


This application demonstrates the importance of presenting a sound case for proposed design at the outset, to avoid what can otherwise be a difficult and protracted planning process if permission is refused.