Change of Use from Restaurant (Class E) to Drinking Establishment (Sui Generis)

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Adnitt Acoustics

Project Outline

Hop Stop are specialists in supplying great beer carefully selected from all over the world.

Our Planning Team managed the planning process and supported the change of use application with a detailed Planning, Heritage, Design & Access Statement. The case presented a number of challenges, particularly relating to the fact that the premises lies within Reigate Town Centre’s Conservation Area, as well as being a locally listed building, which meant that external alterations had to respect the historic value of the building and the character of the streetscene. From Planning Permission to Conditions Approval, and into Express Advertisement Consent, our team enjoyed working with our clients, their Architect and our Preferred Partner for noise, Adnitt Acoustics, to progress the change of use through to completion.

We were pleased to be able to help Hop Stop expand their business, and open a new venture. We look forward to seeing Hop Stop become a thriving part of Reigate’s hospitality industry. No doubt we will also enjoy a few beers in the years to come.


Conditional approval at Local Level, with all conditions subsequently discharged, and Express Consent granted for the building’s front façade and advertisement alterations.


Applications for Changes of Use, can often be difficult to progress with success, particularly when a premises is constrained as this one was. It is important to present your case well, and be willing to negotiate. In this case concessions had to be made on opening hours, and due to neighbouring residential units, limits were imposed on noise, which presented a further challenge during the conditions discharge. We enjoyed working on this project, in particular, being able to keep open communication with the client, their consultants and the Council. We were also able undertake further work in obtaining the advertisement consent which is vital yet often overlooked part of this type of commercial change of use.

Change of Use from Restaurant (Class E) to Drinking Establishment (Sui Generis)

Change of Use from Restaurant (Class E) to Drinking Establishment (Sui Generis)