6 x three storey townhouses in London Borough of Bromley for Croudace Portland

Our involvement

Planning & Architecture

Project Outline

This project one carried out on behalf of Croudace Portland and sought the erection of 6 town houses in a single terrace.

Following a pre application submission it was clear that the traditional Georgian design proposed would complement the existing townscape.

However, consent had previously been obtained for two detached blocks on site rather than one and the Council stipulated that the design and submission prepared in support of the application would need to provide clear justification for the change in design rationale. The façade of the building was stepped to add visual interest which worked well with the chosen materials and overall detailing identified at application stage.


Conditional approval at local level


The clearly presented supporting information including drawings and Design & Access statement prepared in house were key factors in the success at local level. The architectural visualisation prepared by the applicants also played a key role in highlighting the successful design approach.